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July 2021 Update:

  • July 31 - back from vacation and back in business!
  • After some pressing plant delays things are finally moving along! We had to get our inventory back up to par for the records that flew off the shelves last year so we right now we have
  1. Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be - now with a green insert (we're making it a point to make minor changes to each pressing so they can be identified as subsquent pressings).
  2. Live At The Rat 1980 - repressing back in stock - with a new jacket, new inserts, new labels and weaked audio (the original pressing plant lost the stampers so we had to start from scratch...)
  3. You'll Never Tame Me - release is ready and in the store! The first pressing was Limited Edition and included the bonus 8x10, coaster, stickers for the mailing list / fan club, so this is now the standard release with modified jacket & updated insert.
  1. Blood For You 7"  -  featuring two previously unreleased versions of the song - one fully remastered unreleased studio version and one unreleased live version circa 1986. This will be a limited edition - hand numbered - colored vinyl release that will be guaranteed to go fast! No one else out there can bring you fans unreleased and remastered classics like this! Should be ready by August 2021.
  2. The Lost Dick Urine Tapes LP -  Reissued for the FIRST time since the original 1987 pressing - which sold out pretty quickly back in the day and has become a rare find! Repackaged and wonderful - pressing as we speak!
  3. Doctrine Of Mayhem LP  -  Now officially a Blood Orange Records release - with updated labels, jacket & inserts - pressing as we speak!
  4. Biggest Tits LP - the Public Animal #1  EP that Black & Blue released in 1987 has always been the fan favorite and best selling GG record of all time - but, it's been repressed at least 4 times and things can get confusing when trying to figure out which release you actually have, so we decided to take it to a whole new level. You may know, GG wasn't always fond of the BnB jacket designs so he'd make his own jackets occassionally - for example the hard to find Biggest Tits version of Public Animal #1. So we decided to expand the song collection to a 20 track LP - on colored vinyl - called Biggest Tits featuring elements of both jackets. This should outshine the original 7" in every way! Under production now!
  5. Eat My Fuc LP - we have been working on this one for a while using the ORIGINAL source tapes for the best possible version! We're also expanding it with additional content and it'll feature - colored vinyl - full size poster - printed inner sleeve - both the original hand drawn cover & the 1987 Black & Blue cover (since those dog ball licking, donkey cock sucking, filthy ass eating bootleggers seem to like stealing that one - please do NOT buy their cheap bullshit fakes... and please let me know if you can track them down so I can unleash the attorneys on them). This should be ready late summer 2021.
  6. Cedar St Sluts LP - yeah, LP! Fully remastered from the ORIGINAL STUDIO REELS! Believe me, you've never heard those songs like this before... You can get a sneak peak on the Blood For You 7" which will have an alternate version as well as Biggest Tits which will have a remastered sample for you! This one won't be ready until Fall though....

June 2021 Update:  

  1. We're happy to say the move is over and done with and we're now set up in sunny Goffstown - right down the street from the infamous 1983 May Bash location. To those who ordered stuff in the interim - thank you for your patience! All orders are in the mail and all weekend orders are ready to ship tomorrow,

June 2021 Update: 

  • We're happy to say the move is over and done with and we're now set up in sunny Goffstown - right down the street from the infamous 1983 May Bash location. To those who ordered stuff in the interim - thank you for your patience! All orders are in the mail and all weekend orders are ready to ship tomorrow morning. The servers are serving, the wifi is wifi-ing & the shelves are stocked.  Back in business...
  • There's a lot of good stuff coming this summer! The Rat repress is in and will be availbale in about 2 weeks - just waiting on the new inserts. New jacket and all. Even tweaked the audio.
  • We're also waiting for the first ever repressing of the Lost Dick Urine Tapes on LP - a new Doctrine of Mayhem package - a You'll Never Tame Me repressing - Always Was (should be here in a week I hope) and a few new ones. We have one very cool 7" being pressed in June that will be fucking amazing! If you caught my little Instgram video in April you got a hint... There's just too much good stuff to even remember - so keep checking back for updates!
  • As 99% of you know - our main goal here is to give fans access to authentic - official - GG Allin merch. We do our absolute best to make each release as cool as possible - with new unpublished photos and unreleased / remastered songs. You also know our #1 issue in this world is bootlegging - because EVERY unlicensed / unauthorized / fake record-tape-CD-shirt-patch-sticker etc etc etc is someone with no regard for Federal Copyright Laws and Intellectual Property and is someone who is profiting illegally and stealing money from the only person on Earth who deserves that money - Nico.  Güs, Peter Yarmouth and even the Jabbers have not taken a cent from all the work we do. I have never and will never take a dollar from this label - I do it out of love & respect for GG, his daughter and the guys who made all this great music for us.
  • That includes photos... my photos are my copyrighted works just as every photo you take is your copyrighted work. When someone posts a photo of their cat on Facebook - it is still that persons "intellectual property" and is copyrighted by law. So people who troll Nico's Facebook account snatching baby photos off her page to repost on their own personal social media accounts (especially people who don't even know her) are the dictionary definition of internet stalkers on top of being creepy f'n weirdos. That's just messed up...
  • I realize there's a whole world of young people out there who are just learning about GG Allin and who were also born into the clutches of Facebook and Instagram where "likes" and "followers" are more important than girlfriends, ethics and base morals and it's kind of funny. But you all know there's slews of schoolboy morons out there who never leave the safe confines of Mommys basement where they can  hide behind some totally lack lustre & unoriginal user name like "ggsjabbers" and troll hundreds of peoples online accounts (that they don't even know) dedicating their life to stealing everybody elses photos - click & save - and post them on their own Instagram account like they're some hot shit who has access to rare photos! When in fact they're nothing but a little bitch with absolutely no friends, no life, still no girlfriend, no job, starting some gay garage band & playing "Drink Fight & Fuck" like it's never been done by a million garage bands before them - and wearing a homemade "DESTROY" shirt - just like GG did, and wearing pleather Walmart spiked wristbands and their new Christmas leather and cutting off their baby-curls to sport some slick hair gel and ditching the coke bottle glasses and jumping and kicking in slo mo homo to some Nirvana cover song... it's the most poseur-esqu / cliche / lame shit I've ever seen.... yes I'm talking about a certain Instagram clown. A real POS who has absolutely nothing to offer the GG world besides what he can steal off other people accounts - and he doesn't credit the people he's stolen the photos from then crops shit like our website out of the photos and "restores" them and colorizes them haha... Oh, and who can forget that EVERY SINGLE BIT of info he posts under the photos are completely inaccurate... "GG & Genya Ravan" was my favorite. His latest theft of my live negatives "Live 1983" idiot.... Here's a kid who knows aboslutely nothing about anything...
  • April 2021 Update:
  • The reissued Bored To Death & Cheri Love Affair singles were a huge success. We thought the reissue of Always Was selling out in 45 days was amazing, but over 450 sets were sold in 13 days and we THANK YOU for that! We knew they would be a hit amongst you all so we put a lot of time & effort into them to make sure they were indeed special and worthy of their first and only official reissue. We just listed a black vinyl repress for those of you who missed out & for you completists. We also have special edition black jacket / orange vinyl repress that will be available around June.
  • Speaking of repressings... we will finally have our first Blood Orange release back in stock soon: Live at the Rat, with a new jacket design, a new insert and a new mix makeover. We're also waiting on You'll Never Tame Me with an updated jacket and new inserts. While we're at it... Doctrine of Mayhem is finally being repressed from the original 1990 mothers with an updated jacket.
  • Since we were sending mothers out to be revived we decided to give long overdue props to Toilet Rock Legend Dick Urine - the man who urged GG to propel his inner madman from local punk phenom to Public Animal #1 - and for the first time since 1987 we are PROUD to announce the long awaited reissue of The Lost Dick Urine Tapes on LP!
  • And if that wasn't enough already - we are working on THREE new vinyl releases simultaneously that will be some of the very best yet, but that's all we can say for now...
  • Keep checking back for more updates & have a great summer!

2021 UPDATE #1:   

  • Big big things coming in 2021!!! But I will save the surprises as they unfold & draw near... for now, we are happy to announce we have remastered and repackaed BOTH Bored to Death & Cheri Love Affair 7"s for their respective reissues. Each will be released as 4 song 7"s and each will have previously unheard material as well as 2 new inserts with each record. Did I mention Limited to 500 copies each and on colored vinyl? These will go fast so get on our mailing list to ensure you get your copies! We will send a group mail to everyone on our mailing list a few days before the actual release date - which is tentatively Feb 28, 2021.
  • For our international fans, we're happy to announce we will have supplies of the 7"s available in Europe so you don't have to pay insane USPS shipping fees. Details will follow!  If you have any questions about this or anything else, please feel free to hit the Contact button at the top of this page. Thank you ALL from Güs, Nico, Peter Yarmouth, the Jabbers and everyone else involved on our end as always for your support!


  • As you may already know, our Official reissue of Always Was, Is and Always Shall Be SOLD OUT FAST!!! Perhaps the first time in the history of GG Allin a pressing & release of 500 records sold out in a a little over 1 month! Thank you ALL for that.  If you missed out on a copy, we have already repressed a new batch that will be available shortly after the New Year. Equally as important, We also have reissues of the Bored To Death 7" and Cheri Love Affair 7" at the plant NOW and they will also be available in January! If you're on our mailing list you will get advance notice so you can get copies before those sell out as well. If you're NOT on the mailing list, sign up using the link on this page.
  • The Bored To Death & Cheri Love Affair 7"s will be 4 song records and each will include previously UNRELEASED material. They will also include cool inserts.
  • As ALWAYS, we ask you to help spread the word about Blood Orange Records - the ONLY Official GG Allin / Jabbers label and the best place to buy rare, unreleased, alternate merch. More importantly, PLEASE do not buy bootlegs... If it's any GG audio prior to 1991 and not from Blood Orange Black & Blue then there's a 99.999% chance its FAKE SHIT. Don't fall for it.
  • We treat each & every customer like friends & family and do our best to provide the absolute best material and experience with a years long 100% on-time shipping window of 24 hours or less (not counting Sundays of course, since we're all in church anyhow, right?!).
  • There is Sooooooo MUCH MORE coming in 2021 too...  NEVER same old stuff.


October 24, 2020 Update:   

  • Some NEW items listed to both the VINYL & CD pages...
  • Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be - 2020 Blood Orange Records Reissue! Pressed using the original 1987 Black & Blue QCA Mothers and repackaged using the original 1980 Orange Records cover art (which GG specifically requested for the next official reissue) - this LP almost never came to be due to a label misprint, but we figured WTF... bootleggers are selling shit quality ripoffs loaded with incorrect info and spelling mistakes my dog wouldn't make. Limited to 500 copies and always cheaper here, get yours now!
  • Insult & Injury Volume 1 - Banned in Boston 1977-1983 CD - the best selling Black & Blue CD of all time and long out of print, repackaged by Blood Orange Records with updated audio tracks. Limited Edition... All the hits from the Jabbers years!
  • You'll Never Tame Me CD - Another long out of print CD repackaged and pressed with remastered audio including a previously unreleased audio track that was only available on our 2019 LP, also Limited Edition!
  • 5 & 10 CD Sampler Sets for dirt cheap! All the Black & Blue artists available in CD sets at a super low price ONLY for our website friends & fans! Only 25 of each available...
  • Finally, as always we are working full time here on new releases and brainstorming ideas, so keep checking back & feel free to contact us at any time with questions, comments & suggestions!

October 3, 2020 Update:  

  • Coming October 2020 - a reissue of Always Was, Is And Always Shall Be 12" LP - pressed with the original mothers used on the classic 1987 Black & Blue release, which combined the 1980 Orange Records album with additional 7" tracks. Rainbo (pressing plant) went out of business this year and was kind enough to return some of the original Black & Blue mothers (unfortunately they destroyed some of the best ones in the early 90s due to PMRC pressure ie: EMF, Boozing & Pranks). They did return Always Was so we figured we'd test the plates (& they were mint) and use them. As GGs notoriety and public personna grew over the years he decided he didn't want the record reissued with that cover any more so the contract was revised to include the stipulation that the 88 cover not be used on subsequent pressings and the original 1980 cover should be used - so we are pleased to have finally done that: using the original 1980 cover art and the 1987 mothers with bonus songs we have pressed a one time run of 500 copies which will be available within the next 2 weeks.
  • After collecting, sorting & cataloguing all original BnB inventory we decided to reissue a couple of the classic CDs on the Blood Orange label - namely Insult & Injury Vol 1 - Banned in Boston and Insult & Injury Vol 4 - Live at the Rocket: remastered, with updated audio tracks and new cover art, keeping in the Blood Orange tradition of using previously unseen photos.
  • We are planning a Xmas/winter 2020 reissue of Boozing & Pranks on LP & CD - again with remastered audio and new cover art.
  • Finally, we still have plenty of unreleased GG & the Jabbers audio we are working on, so we will mix up the reissues with new unreleased stuff as well as new merch and memorabilia along the way. Which reminds me, we have a treasure trove of video recordings we are starting to work on from not only GG but ALL Black & Blue artists... that will appear sporadically as it is ready.
  • As always we want to thank each and every one of you for your support & kind words! Not a day goes by where we don't receive a message or email from someone with kind words & thanks - but we owe that all to you for without YOU we would not be able to do any of this. So THANK YOU!!! 

August 4, 2020 Update: 

  • We just added a SLEW of new shirts to the store & also redesigned the menu to make things easier. No more sifting through 200 things looking for that one 7" you're missing!
  • As always, all new merch is available HERE ONLY exclusively for our friends & fans to get their hands on before eBay/feeGay or anyone else does. We honestly hope you buy them all... dealing with eBay has become unreasonable as they wheedle every last penny they can from both buyers & sellers. Remember when it used to be a simple, friendly platform for people to buy & sell odds and ends cheap & easy?  Not any more... they're an asshole eating, dogball sucking junkie conglomerate sucking dollars out of everyone they can get their little rat-bitch teeth into. Yeah... FUCK eBay.

May 30, 2020 Update:  

  • We have many new shirts (& additional sizes) that we will be listing soon, waiting on one last batch to arrive first. We are also planning a site-redesign at the same time to make things easier, hopefully it goes smoothly! That should happen at some point within the next 4-5 days. I know we sent a message saying new shirts would be out by now but decided to put them all up at once instead of a few and then a few more.
  • We are also working on a couple new releases and we will keep you updated on the progress.

April 24, 2020 Update: 

  • NEW RELEASES TODAY! - the classic Doctrine of Mayhem repackaged with the last of this vinyl! Also the UNEDITED GG Allin & the Jabbers Live at the Channel 2CD set! Availble to purchase together for some good savings.. In the GG Allin store (above in STORE dropdown menu).

March 23, 2020 Update: 

  • The world is a different place than it was 2 weeks ago & we truly hope each and every one of you reading this are healthy, well & following the suggestions of the professionals and not the facebook feeds.
  • Our Post Office is a small - one person location, which is good in the sense that they know me well there and it's not frequented by more than a dozen or so a day. I just left there and was assured they will remain open throughout the endless shutdowns, so all Blood Orange / Black & Blue / GG Allin orders will be processed as they always are, even more quickly I would assume.
  • We take the unknowns of the Covid19 virus seriously and follow every precaution possible when processing and handling orders. All merchadise is housed in the office basement and only one person (me) accesses that area. All items are handled with thoroughly cleaned and gloved hands and never come in proximity with anyone other than myself until fully packaged and delivered to the Post Office (who also take extreme measures to retain a sanitary environment).
  • With all that being said, we know the world economy will suffer as will most individuals who don't have countless funds in their bank or stock accounts so we ask you to think long term before spending your money on shirts, tapes, records, CDs or anything else. Most everything for sale on our website will still be available months down the road so buy responsibly. This could be the first time in history a store has asked customers to seriously consider spending their money but we appreciate you as friends & fans far more than as paying customers.
  • So stay healthy, happy & well and we'll get through this! - Güs


March 5, 2020 Update:

  • For those of you who bought the very limited 31 copy Always Was Micro edition Thank you!  For those of you who respected our request to NOT publish the cover photo online THANK YOU! For the asshole who said FUCK YOU - My FB/Instagram status is far more important than respecting the wishes of the person who took the photo - you suck. We try to offer cool/one of a kind and legit GG Allin stuff for you, the most serious of his fans, and we wanted to make the 31 unearthed Always Was records extra special, so I asked the original photographer to PLEASE let me use one photo for this LIMITED edition record cover! And he said, SURE, it's only 31 copies... just ask people not to post the photo online... well, that lasted about 2 days. It's amazing how one person can really mess shit up for everyone else. Well, now that it's no longer all that special, there are a very few copies left - email here for details.

January 12, 2020 Update: 

  • Spent the day digging through archives with Peter Yarmouth yesterday and as usual we came across some long forgotten gems! A few very cool - rare and limited items have been added to the GG, Bloody & Northwinds stores so check them out before they're gone!

January 5, 2020 Update:

  • Happy New Year to all. 2020 marks the offical 40th Anniversary of GG Allin & the Jabbers and we hope to bring you some incredibly special stuff to celebrate the occassion! Maybe some shows??? Hmmmmm
  • We have redesigned the STORE to a dropdown by artist instead of a long list of items. Hopefully this makes things easier for people.
  • Peter Yarmouth has been working hard on the 35th Anniversary package of Music To Make You Ears Hurt which will include a new double CD of previously unreleased material from all Black & Blue artists and some new artists as well as a fat booklet. There will be a limited package deal for the first buyers & it looks like a killer one!
  • It's a lot of work staying on top of new releases, new merch, sales/packaging /shipping, inventory, messaging & marketing and everything else but we're making progress slowly but surely. Blood Orange Records has made quite an impact on the world over the last 2 years and the co-op with Black & Blue is getting attention literally everywhere, which is good for fans of all the artists as it will lead to exciting new releases! Especially GG stuff.... So as always, check back often for unannounced updates to the site. Anything big will be sent out to the mailing list.

November 28, 2019 Update: 

  • Happy thanksgiving everybody! No matter where you live, take some time today to relax, enjoy the company of friends & family and forget the stresses of life.
  • The You'll Never Tame Me LP package has been well received & I'd like to thank everyone who took time to write us about it! As we move more merchandise we're able to use those funds to make every new release better & better. We have a couple very cool things coming down the road that I'm sure you'll all like!

November 15, 2019 Update:

  • You'll Never Tame Me LP package now available in our store. Limited edition fan club release especially for everyone on our mailing list. We will have more Fan Club Limited Edition releases coming soon. So don't miss the boat, sign up (above) if you haven't already.

November 11, 2019 update:

  • When we say we appricate our friends & fans, we mean it! The newest Blood Orange Records release is ready to roll and we are taking preorders now. This record was pressed exclusively for all of you who joined the mailing list and continue to support our efforts. 
  • The Blood Orange / Black & Blue relationship has begun to bear fruit and we are proud to bring you for the first time in it's entirety on vinyl, reworked and unedited: You'll Never Tame Me. In keeping with the Blood Orange Records tradition of rare/alternate/unreleased material I dug through the archives and found a previously unreleased recording of Scumfuc Tradition which we added to the end of the LP. There are only 250 available and we hope they will all sell through the website so we can avoid eBay altogether. To make it more exciting we are adding a couple bonus items exclusive to the release! Preorder available now. All packages will ship within the next 3-5 business days. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

August 29, 2019 update:  

  • To celebrate GG's Birthday (he would have been 63 today, fumbling with his iPhone, pissed off about spell check while posting Best Wishes & lighting cancer candles for all his friends) we've posted lots of cool - rare - one of a kind stuff added to the STORE - Check it out here!!!

August 8, 2019 update: 

  • Our sincere condolences to Merle, Nico and family for the loss of Arleta. Graceful & strong, Arleta gave the world a gift unlike any other in recorded history, the Allin Brothers. Be with Kevin and Rest in Peace.

August 7, 2019 update:

  • We have been hard at work this summer brainstorming, digging through boxes & planning the next killer release! We also have new merch ready to be listed & more shirts being silk screened now. They should be listed in the STORE within the next week, or a few things at a time over the next few days so please check back.
  • Güs Sissüm & Peter Yarmouth have been talking often about re-issuing some of the classic Black & Blue GG Allin releases with some modifications, such as bonus content, repackaging, unreleased material and more! The co-op between Blood Orange & Black and Blue promise to deliver some unbelievable new & rare material for you fans. All info and updates will be posted here and all new releases & merch will be made available to those on our mailing list before anyone else so if you haven't signed up yet, you can at the top of this page.
  • The first B&B Liquidation item is listed HERE! Much more to come...

June 15, 2019 update: 

  • The May 18 reunion was one of the best days of my life... having the original Always Was lineup as well as the Live Fast lineup (sans GG RIP) as well as the American Standard lineup (sans Mike O'Donell RIP) was something I never thought I'd see. We took tons of photos, a bunch of video and also recorded the full 4 hour session. We are working on video/audio synch and editing and will have some new videos soon as well as some new audio clips. I am hoping to get the group out for 2-3 New England shows later this summer, probably Boston, Manchester & NYC.  2020 should feature the Jabbers first Euro tour for the 40th anniversary of the first LP. Still working on new releases, reissues and merch so check back often & thank you all for your support & kind words - we couldn't do any of this without you friends and fans.

April 28, 2019 update:

  • Finally figured out how to add the new promo video to the Videos page if you havent seen it yet!
  • We just added some new items to the Store including original & reproduction pins, a heavy duty vinyl bumper sticker, a previously unreleased full color 24" x 36" poster as well as some killer limited package deals. We're also working on more new shirt designs, videos and other goods as well as the first stages of the next Blood Orange Records vinyl release slated for late summer. Not sure what it will be right now but we plan on keeping the ball rolling.
  • Questions, comments, suggestions, memories? Feel free to email Güs at

April 24, 2019 update:

  • Thinking about adding a testimonials page to the site which would include some great messages & comments we've recieved over the last year, so I figured I'd ask if anyone wanted to share memories, comments, photos or whatever it would be helpful. Did you ever see GG & the Jabbers or GG or the Jabbers? What is your favorite song(s), record/tape/CD? How & when did you first hear of them? Anything you'd like to share would be appreciated! Send a photo if you'd like.
  • Email Güs with anything you't like to say or share:

April 22, 2019 update:

  • Happy birthday to Alan Chapple, wishing him the best for 2019!
  • Thank you again to you rabid, solid & sordid GG & the Jabbers fans for follwing, liking and/or hating us! To all who have purchased the Rat & Gimme Some Head EPs we commend you. We've used the funds to design & print some new/original and re-pro t-shirts, buttons, stickers and of course the vinyl. There will be a few package deals coming to the store in the near weeks including the aforementioned buttons & stickers along with an unpublished color poster and some other stuff so check back.
  • I am working on a new GG-Jabbers-Blood Orange promo video with some never before seen video snippets in hopes that the millions of people with their noses glued to YouTube catch on to GG Allin & the Jabbers if they're still unfortunate enough to have never heard of them. My life was forever altered and my attitude perpetually adjusted when I first heard of the boys in the early 80s and those same songs have followed me over the decades whether it was in my 78 Monte Carlo tape deck, my 1982 walkman, the 1985 Technics turntable, the 2008 MP3 player and now the iPod, devices change over the years but the importance of the music hasn't.

March 21, 2019 update:

  • It's here! GG Allin & the Jabbers Dead or Alive (alternate) - Occupation (unreleased) - Gimme Some Head (remastered) - 1982 UNH Interview (unreleased). This is one for the books... the beginning of many absolutely killer releases to come from Blood Orange Records & the Jabbers.
  • THANK YOU to everybody who signed up for the mailing list and who made the pre-release of the Occupation - GSH EP a success!  If you still haven't signed up please do so, you will be notified of new releases 24-48 hours prior to the rest of the world, which makes a big difference if you're into getting low numbered records. You can join the mailing list at the bottom of this page.

March 19, 2019 update:

  • What better way to start spring than with an incredible new Blood Orange Records / GG Allin & the Jabbers release? It's available! Dead or Alive - Occupation - Gimme Some Head - UNH Interview is now available in the store so mosey on over & blow your paycheck on all the nifty shit we have! The booze can wait, the drugs can wait but the EP you need NOW! Feel that jonesin' coming on? A nice new T Shirt would keep them chills away when your cranking Gimme Some Head through the building! We're proud to be releasing this one... fuck yeah
  • There is another cool t-shirt sitting in a big box on the floor here which we will have loaded here in a couple days, once los slavos package them up nice & pretty.

March 9, 2019 update:

  • Thank you to all Jabbers mailing list members who made day-one T-Shirt purchases! If you processed your purchase prior to 9:30am EST today (Saturday) it's already in the mail. All orders since have been packaged & are ready to ship Monday morning. We included a gift to everyone who ordered within the first 24 hours - but that little window has closed as of 8pm EST Saturday March 9.
  • I (Güs) made the 270 mile trip to spend the afternoon with Rob Basso today & had a great time as usual. We listened to some songs Rob recorded in 1993 with Warren Spencer (1981 era live Jabbers drummer). It's an 8 song cassette that I would classify as an amalgamation of Guns n Roses, Syd era Floyd and a touch of 13th Floor Elevators. Rob gave me a small stash of sealed cassettes that I will post in the store in the very near future. If you're looking for GG-style tunes you won't find it on this tape but if you're into hearing GG-Jabbers-related/branch tunes (or something new in general) like I am then it's worth checking out!
  • Next weekend I will be getting together with Chris Lamy, Nico, Steve L & hopefully Alan Chapple (if he can make it) to hand number the new EP sleeves. Fingers crossed we don't f*ck up as bad as we did last time... three people numbering 500 sleeves and keeping them in order isn't as easy as it sounds... especially when there's Whiskey involved. It didn't help that Lamy caught the 1960 Tojo Gojira missle-fist directly in the eyeball.

March 8, 2019 update:

  • NOW AVAILABLE, the Official GG Allin & the Jabbers - Blood & Guts T-Shirt! This is a VERY limited edition shirt but we want everyone who wants one (on our mailing list) to have one, so if for any reason you see 'sold out' please email us using the Contact Us link and we will make sure you get one. All orders ship in 1-3 business days (same or next day in most cases).  Hell, I might even throw in a cool extra for the first 10 who order.
  • Coming SOON. A new line of cool GG & the Jabbers pins/buttons- 8 in total. Liven up Sunday dinner by proudly displaying your GG/Jabbers pins on your bestest torn, worn, spiked leather lapel or favorite filthy baseball hat.
  • And of course, the new Blood Orange Records release: Dead or Alive (alternate version), Occupation (previously unreleased - at the right speed and studio quality), Gimme Some Head (remixed) & unreleased 1982 Interview will be available the week of March 18. Remastered from the original studio tapes by Güs Sissüm and the Gutter Twins, this one will blow your gross socks off. How can it be that there is still old GG Allin & the Jabbers stuff we haven't heard! - you might say. Well, let's just say you ain't heard nothing yet! Stick around and you Jabbers fans will get first dibs on all of this awesome junk! As long as you're signed up for the mailing list that is...

February 29, 2019 update: 

  • Happy Birthday to Rob Basso (2/27)!
  • Online streaming radio show Mark Skin Radio will be playing Automatic tonight between 10-12 EST. If you are able, please  support the ONLY station to reply to a broadcast request for airplay (sent to 30 stations) and tune in. Mark Skin Radio happily accepted our request and we are forever grateful for them having the sack to do it. Most stations and "punk DJs" saw the words "GG Allin" contained within the message and abruptly said "Not a fan of his" or "NO" not bothering to read further to see we are referring to the early 80s era music (yes, music) and not the 90s GG they are still afraid of. The Jabbers deserve some airplay, don't you think?
  • The first Official GG Allin & the Jabbers t-shirts are ready for the store and they should be listed next week. As with all new additions, we will send an email to everyone who signed up for the mailing list first. The following day we will post the item(s) on Facebook and finally on eBGay shortly thereafter. Coming soon are reproduction 1980s era buttons and new designs.
  • The new Occupation EP is pressed, we are just waiting on the sleeves to be printed & delivered. We anticipate the record being ready for sale in a couple weeks so stay tuned for the listing.
  • Don't forget to join the GG Allin & the Jabbers mailing list for cool stuff, updates & the opportunity to buy releases before they're available to the public. Sign up at the bottom of this page, we'd sure appreciate it.

January 18, 2019 update:

  • We are finally getting the website up & running and will be adding a lot more content over the coming weeks. The store is open and we will have some new official GG Allin & the Jabbers t-shirts soon. For multiple orders or international/non-USA orders please email us with your wants and we'll get you some pricing. If you encounter any glitches please let us know by clicking Contact Us otherwise feel free to browse around & check back often for updates now that we know WTF we're doing.
  • Blood Orange Records is pleased to announce the upcoming reissue of the classic Gimme Some Head / Dead or Alive EP with two additional tracks! It should be available for purchase late February or early March 2019. We will always offer new releases and merch to our friends & fans on Facebook @officialjabbers or here through our mailing list so please sign up at the bottom of the page.
  • The Jabbers now have all remaining inventory of the Out For Blood EP that has been around for many years. The people at TPOS had a deal with GG to sell "bootlegged" tapes & records as long as they sent him some money from every sale, well, GG has been gone for 25 years now and no one in the band recieved any form of payment from sales since his death. TPOS sent the last 250 records to Blood Orange Records to make up for that. We designed a new cover - kept it similar to the original cover - and corrected the info & liner notes. There are only 250 of these left and it is unlikely more will ever be pressed so get your copy before they're gone for good. Hand numbered ______ of 250.
  • We were hoping to have the first new line of Official GG Allin & the Jabbers t-shirts for sale next month but the overly sensitive PC designers at VGKIDS.COM felt our designs were PROFANE & INAPPROPRIATE!  Imagine that... 40 years later GG Allin & the Jabbers are still being banned.

January 1, 2019 update:

  • You might be wondering why the Jabbers have become so active after so many years of laying low... the main reason is all the rampant bootlegging of their material on sites like eBay. At least the folks at have the sense to block the sale of bootlegged items. People all over the world are profiting from the bands intellectual property with no recourse so we have started formally searching out & shutting down the pirates. Some are harder to find than others so if you have any leads PLEASE let us know. We plan to reissue all back catalogue records along with addition live-rare-unreleased content, hopefully steering people away from the phony Always Was LPs, No Rules EPs, Live Fast Die Fast EPs etc... basically, if it's not on Blood, Destiny, Orange, Black & Blue or Blood Orange it's a bootleg. Although even Black & Blue is being bootlegged in Austrailia now. Since 1980 the band has never recieved a royalty payment or payment of any kind for the bootlegs llisted above. Please buy your GG Allin & the Jabbers merchandise from us here, through Blood Orange Records, the Jabbers Facebook page or Black & Blue Records. No one else has the right to sell anything by GG Allin & the Jabbers. People have made a lot of money over the years selling GG fans fake merch and the fans deserve to know what they're buying.